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The Roaming Buffalo book is an illustrated story that shares the story of how "Little Buffalo" goes through a process and journey to become the Roaming Buffalo for the herd. Based on a Cheyenne story and legend, the "Roaming Buffalo" was that special member of the herd who went on ahead and led the herd to new places where there was fresh food and safety. According to the tradition, the Cheyenne people would not shoot the Roaming Buffalo because of this special leadership and protective role.

Roaming Buffalo is a beautiful and richly illustrated story that inspires and promotes hope. It touches the hearts deeply of young and old who read and listen to it. The story speaks to a way forward for native peoples and people everywhere. 

Printed Book - $12.95

Ebook - $9.95

Author - Lisa McFarland

Illustrator - Julie Law

Full Color - 44 Pages

Bulk Order Information: If you are interested in ordering in bulk, please email us at or call us at 785-330-3569.

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