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Roaming Buffalo Project Programs

Roaming Buffalos are people who are brave, patient, hardworking, creative, and  inspiring. It takes courage to do things differently and find the path for yourself and others. We believe that when we intentionally nurture spaces and communities, that promote creativity, we empower individuals to find creative solutions. These creative communities can birth leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship. The Roaming Buffalo book is a multi-purpose and inspirational tool and curriculum. We want to help establish creative zones, entrepreneur-pods, allow for sharing stories that inspire hope for the future. This book can be used for leadership training, life-coaching, and community development strategies and assemblies.

Visiting & Introductory Events


The Roaming Buffalo Project programs begin with the story. The Roaming Buffalo team can visit and offer different types of introductory programs depending on the interests and goals of the tribe. Different options include: Book Distribution and Signing, Story Time for All Ages, Focused Talking Circles, School & Library Events, Training & Workshops.

Buffalo Training Groups

Buffalo Training Groups are designed to equip youth and adults to embrace The Roaming Buffalo Process. They are equipped to overcome the obstacles and the steps needed with courage.

    -discover learning styles                -deal with negativity

    -identify and face fears                  -believe in your dreams

    -overcome peer pressure              -become a leader


Buffalo Discovery Journeys

Those who have gone through our training are now encouraged to "roam ahead" and embark into the Discovery Process. We help our individual buffalos through a guided mentoring process. We are preparing future leaders.

We help our individual buffalos through a guided mentoring process. We are preparing future leaders.

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Roaming Buffalo Initiatives

After our Roaming Buffalos "journey out" and find their inspiration, they are encouraged to "return" and share their vision with others. We partner with their communities to help them realize their dreams. Our communities can become greenhouses for entrepreneurial ideas, creative arts, social initiatives, community service projects and much more. This all happens through relationships and partnerships with the Roaming Buffalo and his/her community.

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