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Image by Zac Durant

1:1 Leadership Coaching with Lisa McFarland

It's time to unleash your potential and redefine the power of your impact. Dive into a transformative journey with our Roaming Buffalo Coaching Model. 


In this intensive, 3-month program, receive 1:1 customized guidance from Lisa McFarland.

Image by Zac Durant
Image by Matt Noble
Image by Matt Noble

Learn About Our VISION

Unlock the power of hope and creativity with Creative Communities! Through the inspiring story of THE ROAMING BUFFALO, we empower individuals, especially within indigenous communities, to lead, innovate, and overcome challenges.


Join us as we transform communities into thriving hubs of creativity, driven by the dynamic storytelling of Lisa McFarland. Dive in, dream, design, and inspire—your journey to change starts here. 

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